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  • How to accelerate your leadership development to achieve your businesses BIG VISION?
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Hey, I'm Alex!

It's great to "meet" you! Here's what I can tell you about me:

  1. I'm a unwavering optimist who believes in you and your vision.
  2. I love and believe in leaders. Always have since I was a kid.
  3. The invisible link holding leaders back from achieving their wildest goals lies in aligning the leader & culture as one.

I gotta ask, does this sound right? You...

  • Dared to not only think big, but ACTUALLY go for it. 
  • Impacting lives feeds you like nothing else.
  • Know deep down you're meant to lead a movement.
  • Implemented all the business "strategies", "tactics", "funnels", "tools"...but aren't where you want to be.

Sound familiar?

  • Having mentored/coached more than 300 leaders. 
  • Writing weekly to 10,000+ leaders around the world.
  • Learning from mistakes to start & sell 2 global businesses.

The common thread between success and the leader.

I like to call Alex the “trash man”. No matter what I’m stuck on, he seems to be able to get my mindset unstuck and back on track…you’ve create a place that doesn’t allow people to feel “superior”. I don’t know a place that’s as supportive as you’ve built.

Jason Vanzin

Founder/CEO of Right Hand Technology Group

I gotta say I love working with Alex Kuhn! Coming to an event like this and collaborating with other Vaulters has just broken the floodgates for me. It isn’t fluff. It isn’t just motivation stuff that I’ve seen from other coaches. I’m pretty passionate because I know what he’s done for me and I can’t thank you enough.

Stefano Di Lollo

Innovation & Creative Leader Coach

I’m so grateful for Alex and his work. What he’s done is help me through a really challenging season in my life and been able to make some sense of it. Not only to serve people and make money, but to get clear with my culture, vision and align my head, heart and business. While we’re still making it flow, that’s the most exciting thing. I just appreciate the patience, compassion and consistency he brings to our sessions.

Adam Cobb

NBA Performance Coach & Founder of 8 Days A Week

We got it! Full support up to 100 users and $100,800 per year flat rate. Huge win. Dream client. Appreciate all of your guidance and coaching.

Andrew Bradburn

Founder/CEO of Wizard IT

Alright. Got some wins for you guys! I am pleased to announce that after a stressful couple of weeks my dry spell has been broken! Got a decent sale today and have several more pending. I’m also now officially going to have some jewels in the February, March, and April issues of British Vogue magazine!

Brittany Stadtmiller

Founder/CEO of Gem Steady

AMAZING!!! Alex, thank you so very much! You’ve not only helped me to scale up my business practice, but my life and the life of scientists for who I serve.

Damien Wilpitz

Founder/CEO of Experimental Designs

I had a positive, moving, motivating, amazing call with Alex this morning! So moving it almost brought me to tears during it. Literally, Alex’s words to me today…we’re going to make sure we “move forward”. He called it, it happened, and I am freaking excited beyond words.

Camille Joyce

Founder of The Heroic Soul

Last night was crazy Alex. I led 22 men in an hour long, wide open discussion on anything and everything about masculinity. Being in the Vault has turned me into a believer. A believer in my own ability to create both a business AND movement. I’m deeply grateful.

Traver Boehm

Founder/CEO of Man Uncivilized

OMG! I AM ON TARGET TO REACH $10K THIS MONTH. May this energy be contagious for you all!

Kim Robins

CEO/Founder of Core Wisdom

It is very empowering to go back there and feel the difference. I am that CEO and in charge! One lady asked what I’m doing. I told her, yes, the business is booming! Thank you again Alex for your time and mindset of believing in me.

Mei Tsui

CEO of Live Young International, LLC

Think Big. Achieve Bigger

Our world-class program focuses on leaders, specifically those who own and operate service-focused businesses. How do our clients rate us?

  • Leadership 95% of clients saw a "positive difference" in their ability to impact clients & their teams.
  • Fulfillment 92% of clients saw a "positive difference" in their ability to build a business in their image & lifestyle.
  • Wealth $40 million has been earned with 100% having doubled their income within 1 year.

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