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Our mission is simple. To help you grow into the leader you desire to be, without the limitation of money, time or fear.

Alex’s Bio

If you met Alex Kuhn, you would never guess he's one of the most sought-after business leadership minds in the world.

Alex has advised & mentored more than 200+ clients in every continent to design businesses that serve 100s, 1000s, and even millions of clients. His clients have generated more than $50m while his motivational trainings are watched by 25k+ weekly.

Don’t call Alex a “business coach” or “guru”. He has lived & breathed the struggle, starting & selling two of his own businesses before going all in on his life’s work. His “leader-first” approach allows him to quickly identify strengths & opportunities few see. The result is businesses run with integrity & scaling quickly to 7 & 8 figures.

Featured in Forbes™, Entrepreneur™ and Buzzfeed™, Alex is a family man who believes in the people he meets.

Interviews and Articles

Forbes™ — Alex Kuhn: Global Leadership Mentor on Why It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift [December 2020 Issue]

Entrepreneur™ — What Alex Kuhn Taught me About Paradigm-Shifting Leadership

Buzzfeed™ — What Alex Kuhn Taught me About Paradigm-Shifting Leadership

Unconventional Leaders — How to Create a THRIVING Culture with Alex Kuhn

Life Outside the Hustle — Amplifying Leaders & Their Big Vision with Alex Kuhn

 The Light Inside — Overcoming Adversity: Sink or Swim with Alex Kuhn

Ask More, Get More — The Business Leader Mindset – Born to Lead [Alex Kuhn]

Human Capital Innovations — Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship & SuccessDNA

University of Adversity — Alex Kuhn – Born to Lead & SuccessDNA

The Drop in CEO — Determining The Type of Leader You Want to Be with Alex Kuhn

Christina the Channel — Alex Kuhn on SuccessDNA, Group Coaching & 6/7/8 Figure Mindsets

Finding Direction — Alex Kuhn: Believing In Yourself

The Chris Miles Money Show — Growing Your Business By Being You with Alex Kuhn

The Sales Conversation Podcast — 071 Alex Kuhn

Path to Mastery — Born to Lead with Alex Kuhn

The Smart Woman Show — Born to Lead Using The Power of Choice with Alex Kuhn

The Motivated Mind — Leadership & SuccessDNA with Alex Kuhn

 Master Mind | Body | Spirit — Alex Kuhn: SuccessDNA & Leadership Principles

Conscious Millionaire — Alex Kuhn: Build Your Business Around Your Leadership Style

Misfit Entrepreneur — How to Find Your SuccessDNA and Double Your Business with Alex Kuhn

Mothers of Misfit — Corporate Misfit: When Your Child Isn’t Cut Out for a Traditional Career

The Mark Stuczewski Show — Follow Your Gut with Alex Kuhn

BV-TV Leadership Matters Channel — Which Of These 4 Types of New Leaders Are You?

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